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In 1985, after seeing how some passengers were keeping track of their airline travels, a Continental Airlines captain (who now flies for United) printed up logbooks to assist. He has a very limited quantity of these books left, and he has graciously agreed to make them available to supporters of Frequent Flyer Giving.

As the books were printed in 1985, they have some historical artifacts. These include the following:

  • The airports listed by the number of passengers carried are a reflection of the times. Denver Stapleton (closed in 1995) makes an appearance, for example.
  • Only a few aircraft types listed in the airliner guide are still in general commercial passenger use.
  • "19___" is shown in the year heading on the date column.

Frequent Flyer Giving is making these books available in exchange for a $10 per book donation ($8 of whch is tax deductible) and a $2 per order shipping supplies fee. Postage within the USA is included.
For orders to be shipped to addresses outside the USA, please contact us regarding postal rates before ordering.

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Images of the books can be seen below. Select an image for a more detailed look.

(As shown above, one can change the 'Mileage plan' column to 'Aircraft
Tail Number' when using the book. One can also add a 'Seat' column.)

Not shown are the additional pages for notes and memoranda.

FFG and its partners are registered 501(c)(3) organizations. Of the amount donated for logbooks, a total of $8 per book is tax deductible. Please contact FFG for a donation receipt if you require one. Please contact your tax advisor for more information about claiming deductions.

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