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FFG has proudly partnered with United Airlines in hosting the
2012 United DO in Chicago on November 15 and 16.

We will be auctioning off TEN spots for this event via FlyerTalk and Milepoint. 100% of the proceeds will benefit United WeCare (please see the Partners section for more information).

The 2012 United DO includes a cocktail hour and behind-the-scenes tours. Participants will be able to go on one of the three, with the choice to be determined at United Airlines' discretion. They are a behind-the-scenes view of O'Hare airport operations, a tour of Chicago catering operations that is perfect for foodies, and a look at the newly redesigned Network Operations Center in downtown Chicago. To top off the experience, there will be Q&A sessions and a private update from CEO Jeff Smisek.

Let's take a look at the details

  • The Operations tour — Feel like an employee for a day with special access to our O'Hare operations. You will learn what's involved in getting customers to their destinations every day.

  • The Foodie tour — Meet our stellar catering team including our executive chef and get a sense of what it takes to design a meal that maintains its taste at 30,000 feet. You will even get to taste test a number of our dishes and wines.

  • The Headquarters tour — Visit our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center, where we do 24/7 management and monitoring of every flight in our system. Find out how we plan future destinations, learn about our commitment to the environment and get a peek into our CEO's office.
After your tour, there will be an evening cocktail reception. The next morning, you will sit in on two of four Q&A sessions where you can ask all your burning questions, anything you can think of from airport operations to the MileagePlus program. The experience wraps up with a company update from CEO Jeff Smisek and light snacks.

The format and rules of the auction are as follows:

  1. Bidders will post the amount they are willing to bid PER SPOT, along with the number of spots they would like (maximum of two per person/username) on the respective threads on FlyerTalk or Milepoint.
  2. Bidders should post on only one thread on one forum. Bids will be consolidated across the two sites.
  3. Once per day, FFG will post, on the bottom of this page, the top bids for the available ten spots based on the posts in the respective threads on both FlyerTalk and Milepoint.
  4. Those who are outbid will, of course, be able to post another bid amount prior to the closing of the auction.
  5. On the day the auction is over (5pm CST on October 19, 2012), the winners will be asked to donate to FFG the amount of the winning bid within 3 days to secure their spot(s). The winning bid will be the amount bid by the winner of the tenth spot (that is, the lowest of the winning bids for the ten spots). All winning bidders will pay this amount per spot.
  6. The ending time will be as early as 5pm Central Time on October 19, 2012, but after the first 5 minute period with no high bid activity.


  • In the event of a tie, the time of the post will be the tiebreaker, with the earliest post being the winner.
  • Failure to pay within 72 hours of the closing of the auction gives FFG the right to declare another winner for the spot at FFG's discretion.
  • Should a winning bidder also win one of the United Airlines auctions for spaces at this event, that bidder will have the option to back out of one spot in the FFG auction and FFG will determine a replacement winner in the FFG auction, if any, at its discretion.
  • A spot won consists of access to only the United Airlines events listed herein and not to any aircraft flights or events sponsored by or presented by any other organisation. Additionally, the winners are responsible for travel to and from the event, lodging, and any other expenses they may incur as part of their attendance.
  • FFG reserves the right to make any decisions it deems necessary regarding this event are at its sole discretion.

Happy bidding! We look forward to seeing the winners in Chicago.

The FFG Directors have analyzed the bid results, and have determined that the auction ended at 5:32pm on October 19, 2012, with the last high bid placed at 5:27pm.

When a bidder rebids with a higher amount, the poster's bid is immediately updated to the new amount and that bid is timestamped and recorded. The 5 minute clock is reset at that time. In this specific auction, the lowest of the ten bids also changed every 5 minutes or less between 5:00pm and 5:27pm.

Arthur Randolph (FT) $666
Weatherboy      (MP) $503
sithlord        (MP) $502
rgrunnah        (FT) $501
eightblack      (FT) $500
BCS1K           (FT) $500
BCS1K           (FT) $500
shcooper1       (FT) $500
dkc715          (FT) $460
mogulskiir      (FT) $455
The winning bid therefore is $455.

The winners should now donate this amount via this page.


For problems, questions, or comments, please email

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